Dr. Reza's Workshops are effective ways for Health and Wellness Professionals to obtain hands-on experience. He has designed programs in the form of special workshops for medical Doctors, psychologists , Dentists, Chiropractor and Physical therapists in order to learn eastern medicine method of healing to supplement their own .

Workshop For Dentists:

You can brush and floss, every day to fight against plaque buildup on your gums. But if you’re still experiencing bleeding/pain while flossing or brushing you might want to consider what you’re putting in your mouth first. Diet and nutrition are keys factors in preventing periodontal disease. by attending the workshop you will learn most practical methods of eastern medicine from Dr. Reza to determine the underlying cause of Gum disease and tooth problems in order to help your clients more effectively.

Workshop For Medical Doctors:

When we acquire wellness skills and practice wellness in our lives, we can promote healing, regeneration, and repair in our bodies. Certainly, there are times that we may need medications or treatments, but when we practice wellness we actively and intentionally bring greater health and wellness into our client’s life.

Workshop For Psychologist:

Workshop Includes a scientifically-based understanding of how nutrient intake impacts mood, stress tolerance, inflammation, energy, sleep, cognition, medication needs, and behavioral dysfunction. correct Diet based on Dr. Reza's method of healing is playing an increasingly important role in the mental health and well-being of individuals in westernized societies. People often eat to relieve feelings of anxiety or stress, without realizing that their dietary choices actually result in greater fatigue, stress, and mood imbalance over the long-term.

Workshop For Chiropractor & Physical Therapist

Integrative health is the recent movement in healthcare towards a holistic, patient-centered approach to healthcare. This movement is a holistic approach to care with the primary objective of treating a patient as a whole person not just a constellation of symptoms. each patient represents a unique, complex, and interwoven set of influences that affect the intrinsic functionality of that individual. Thus, each of these influences must be addressed to achieve wellness.by learning Dr. Reza's method of Eastern medicine approach, as a Chiropractor and Physical Therapist you will have a more effective tool to evaluate all aspects of physical, mental, emotional and energetic when assessing a person as an integrated whole.

offering two forms of workshop:

  • A weekend workshop in person
  • A weekend workshop online
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